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Bongseng Memorial Hospital is Korea's first neurosurgery clinic found in 1949. With the hospitals long history and exclusive culture, it achieved the highest record in a variety of medical fields. The staff members boast that the hospital contributes to the development of local medical community through continued growth.
21 medical offices, 54 medical specialists, 450 sickbeds, and emergency medical specialists provide 24/7 services. It is a general hospital also offers one-stop treatment via itemized collaborative services. Operation and procedure of each medical office surpass the quality of university hospitals and developing as a leader of the regional medical community. The hospital improves the quality of health care, including medical equipment, with unstinting investments for patients. With the establishment of Bongseng Cultural Foundation and Bongseng Social Welfare, the management is making efforts for not only regional medical circles but also the welfare of local residents as well as cultural and arts development. “The management philosophy "the profits earned from patients should be redistributed to patients," Bongseng Memorial Hospital's objective and mission are in practicing quality care with our history and tradition. Looking forward to your continued interest and support.
Visitor information
Opening Hours
8:30AM ~ 5:30PM(Monday~Friday), 8:30AM~12:30PM(Saturday)
  • Phone : 82-51-664-4777
  • E-mail : since1949@naver.com
  • Address : 401, Jungang-Daero(Jwacheon-dong), Dong-gu, Busan,Korea
Map & Direction
Line 1 and get off at BusanJin Station and take Exit 7. It is 500m from BusanJin Station to Bongseng Memorial Hospital.
it takes about 5minutes by foot.
  • BongSeng Hospital Bus Stop → 2. 17. 22. 26. 27. 40. 41. 43. 52. 59. 61
  • Busanjin Bus Stop → 67. 81. 82. 85. 88. 101. 103. 134. 167
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401, Jungang-Daero(Jwacheon-dong), Dong-gu, Busan
AIRPORT BUS (KimhaeAirport)
Airport Limousine bus name 'Seomyeon/Busan station' and take you to BusanJin Station in about 30 minutes
Busan InternationalPort Terminal
Take a bus in the direction of Busan Station(88A, 88B, 101) and get off at BusanJin Station. Bongseng Memorial Hospital is across the street.
Strengths of Bongseng Memorial Hospital
  • - A leader in the regional medical development with achievement of the first and highest record in the medical field
    in the Busan area
  • - Plays a significant role in the region's health care by introducing swift cutting-edge medical equipment
  • - Accomplished four-consecutive first-class in acute stroke treatment (December 2012)
  • - Achieved the most number of kidney transplant surgery in Busan, Gyeongnam region (755 cases, December 2013)
  • - An emergency room stationed by four emergency medicine specialists 24/7
  • - Selected as the first-class medical institute for hemodialysis (June 2013)
  • - Interventional Cardiovascular Certificate Authority and Certification of Eligibility
  • - Cerebral Endovascular Surgery Certificate Authority and Certification of Eligibility
Specialized Center
Spine & Joint Center
Bongseng Memorial Hospital's Spine & Joint Center offers the best treatment results based on comprehensive diagnostic and treatment by orthopedic specialists in bone and joint neurosurgery spine specialists.
The strength of Bongseng Memorial Hospital's Spine & Joint Center is qualified medical staff patients' satisfaction and patients' satisfaction of surgical outcomes.
Spine Diagnostic Services
  • Spinal clinic with non-surgical operation
  • Waist, spine, and disc surgical operation
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spine and joint pain
  • Spinal instability
  • Vertebral compression fractures
  • Spinal tumors
Joint Diagnostic Services
  • Joint endoscopic surgeryArtificial joint surgery (Hip, knee, etc.)
  • Stiff and Painful Shoulder Clinic
Spine & Joint Center Equipment
Dual CT(Siemens, Germany) 3.0T MRI(Siemens, Germany)
Cerebral Nerve Center
Bongseng Memorial Hospital's Stroke Center provides rapid and systematic diagnosis and treatment to stroke patients advanced medical equipment and cooperative medical treatment system and Neurology, Neurosurgery, Emergency Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, and Radiology specialists.
4,000 cases of cerebral angiographies and surgical procedures (December 2012)
Acquired four-consecutive first-class grade in acute stroke evaluation (Health Insurance Review Agency)
The emergency ward provides necessary service 24/7 by emergency medicine specialists, and acquired four-consecutive first-class grade nationwide in acute stroke evaluation through the rapid cooperative medical treatment system of Neurology and Neurosurgery medical team.
Cerebral Endovascular Surgery Certificate Authority and Certificate Selection
The Cerebral Center equipped with the Siemens Biplane Angiography System provides treatment of various cerebrovascular diseases, Aneurysm Coil Emb, Angioplasty, and stenting through rapid diagnosis specialists of Neurology and Neurosurgery.
Professional Medical Team for diagnosing and treating stroke
Bongseng Memorial Hospital is compose of teams of six neurologists, six neurosurgeons, four emergency medicine specialists, one rehabilitation specialist, neurosurgery and rehabilitation professional nurses, endeavoring for early detection and treatment of stroke using methodical systems.
Cardiovascular Center
The center operates cardiovascular radiography room, cardiovascular ICU, Cardiac Ultrasonography room, and Cardiac laboratory equipped with the Siemens Biplane Angiography System, and Dual CT and Siemens Skyra 3.0T Cardiac MRI that boasts excellent diagnostic effects on cardiovascular diseases, including the Siemens symbia E gamma camera that delivers high-quality image when photographing the heart by reducing the detector distance from a patent by 1.1cm.
  • Interventional Cardiovascular Certificate Authority and Certificate Selection
  • 6,500 cases of Interventional Cardiovascular (December 2012)
Gastroenterology Center
Four gastroenterology specialists at the Gastroenterology Center conduct examination and surgical procedure by using diagnosis and endoscope for gastric disease. The center furnished with the latest high-resolution digital endoscopic equipment (Olympus-LICERA 260SL) and provides safe and hygienic examination using the complete endoscopic disinfection system.

Interventional Cardiovascular Certificate Authority and Certificate Selection

EUS Ultrasonic Operation Clinic Biliary Stent endoscopic diagnosis for upper gastrointestinal and colon Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography diagnosis and endoscope for gastric disease. The center furnished with the latest high-resolution digital endoscopic equipment (Olympus-LICERA 260SL) and provides safe and hygienic examination using the complete endoscopic disinfection system.

Kidney TransplantationCenter
Bongseng Memorial Hospital's Kidney Transplantation Center boats an unchallengeable position with high successful rate in complex surgeries, such as inadequate blood transplantation and positive cross-transplantation and carried out the most number of surgeries in Busan, Gyeongnam region. Two kidney transplant coordinators at the center offer one-to-one consultation and treatment.
750 cases of kidney transplant (December 2012)
Artificial KidneyCenter
Nurses with over 10 years of experience are working at Bongseng Memorial Hospital's Artificial Kidney Center; they provide the best medical services to patients with the most cutting-edge systems in the region, handling 2,830 dialysis/month, 224 dialysis patient/month, 46 units of dialyzers (introduced the latest in April 2012).
Hemodialysis Adequacy Evaluation first-grade (June 2013, Health Insurance Review Agency)
Healthcare Center
We offer personalized health screening through consultation based on advanced medical equipment and excellent medical specialists in each field. Our trustworthy examination results can be lined with relevant specialists in case of additional examination and procedures are required.
Healthcare Doctors
  • Cardiology Specialist
  • Name : Woo Hyung Bae, Specialty : Hypertension, Angina pectoris, Coronary Intervention
  • Neurologist
  • Name : Won Ho Lee, Specialty : Stroke, Parkinson's disease, Headache
  • Gastroenterology Specialist
  • Name : Min Dae Kim, Specialty : Stomach & Colon Endoscopy, Liver disease
Screening Program
- Basic Health Screening
A basic health screening for preventing adult diseases, including diagnosis of the function of internal major organs
- Brain Precision Health Screening
The screening procedure includes a thorough examination of brain, including brain MRI and brain MRA inspection effective for early detection, such as stroke, brain tumors, and, cerebrovascular diseases.
- Cardiac Precision Health Screening
Improved cardiovascular examination for preventing heart diseases and early detection, including Hypertension, myocardial infarction, angina, heart failure, and arrhythmia
Opening Hours
8:30AM ~ 5:30PM(Monday~Friday)
  • Phone : 82-51-664-4777
  • E-mail : since1949@naver.com
Medical Departments
stroke, Parkinson’s disease, headache, dementia, dizziness, headache, Epilepsy, Sleep disturbance
Epilepsy, Cerebrovascular disease, Spine surgery, MicroVascular Decompression, Cerebrovascular disease, Brain tumor, Pituitary adenoma, Cerebrovascular Intervention, Spinal pain
General Surgery
Kidney transplantation, Thyroid Surgery, Liver/Biliary/Pancreas surgery, Colorectal cancerla,laparoscopic surgery
Arthroscopic Operation(Knee joint, shoulder joint), Artificial Joint Operation(Hip Joint, Knee joint), Sports Medicine
Female Urinary Incontinence, Prostate Disease, Bladder disease, voiding dysfunction
hypertensive valve disease, Coronary heart disease, Angina, Arrhythmia, arteriosclerosis
kidney transplantation, chronic renal failure, urinary tract infection, nephrotic syndrome
Colorectal diesease, Gastroenteric disease, Colon polyp
Tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma, common cold
diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, osteoporosis
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Endometriosis, Hysterectomy, Pelviscopic Operation, Menopause
Pediatric Respiratory
Hearing Loss, Voice disorders, Allergic rhinitis, dizzinesse
Rehabilitation Medicine
Dysphagia, Musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Neurologic rehabilitation,
schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Alcohol Dependence, Drug Dependence, Dementia, memory disorder, child psychiatry
Dentistry, Anesthesiology, Pathology, Radiology, Laboratory medicine, Emergency Medicine
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